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Chris MacNaughton

Chris MacNaughton currently works on the Ecosystem Engineering team at Canonical Ltd, focusing on storage technologies for OpenStack deployments.

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My perception of the startup culture in Houston has been limited to one or two different companies that aren’t doing anything interesting until recently. After attending Houston Startup Weekend I have come to realize that Houston has a thriving startup scene.

After speaking with a lot of other tech founders, I have found that founders are coming back to Houston from places like San Francisco because of how strong the startup scene here is getting. Houston’s startup scene has been limited to oil and other energy tech companies for a long time but has recently been exploding into other arenas as people realize the potential that HOuston has because of its high level of technical competence.

While there is explosive growth in new tech companies, that growth still masks the fact that Houston’s economy is almost entirely dependent on oil either directly or indirectly. I hope that by growing Houston’s business base into a larger variety of industries we can insulate Houston from the inevitable changes in energy sources in the US!