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Chris MacNaughton currently works on the Ecosystem Engineering team at Canonical Ltd, focusing on storage technologies for OpenStack deployments.

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Packaging Rust Binaries

I spent a bit of time recently working on getting Launchpad to build my Rust binary into something that could be easily installed. To make this search easier...

Adding Actions to a Juju Charm

I wanted to add a couple of actions to a Juju charm, specifically Ceph, and I wanted to be able to test the action to ensure that Ceph received the command a...


User Generated Templates in Ruby

I started a side project recently for hosting many sites from within one application. I decided to use Liquid to allow users to create their own site designs...



Gun Control? No, Ammo Control

I don’t usually care enough about guns to have much of an opinion about gun control but all of this talk recently has pushed me to respond. I’m infuriated t...

Thoughts About Relocating

It isn’t for everybody but my wife and I decided that it was probably for us several months ago.

SEO Early On, Part 3

On a slightly more technical note than my previous 2 posts (Part 1 and Part 2) on SEO, page speed is quite important. There are some great tools for checkin...

Beginning Erlang

Erlang is my first experience with a strongly functional language. I say strongly functional because I’ve gotten to see a bit of functional programming in Sc...


SEO Early On, Part 2

Part 1 was a little bit sparse on actual, actionable advice so I thought I’d start this post out with some fairly simple tips that can do wonders for your ra...

SEO Early On, Part 1

While starting a business, there are many things one must think of, from permitting to supply chain management; however, an oft overlooked thing is SEO!

Houston's Got More Startups!

My perception of the startup culture in Houston has been limited to one or two different companies that aren’t doing anything interesting until recently. Af...

Happy Thanksgiving!

This Thanksgiving I wanted to take the opportunity to talk about what I’m grateful for!

Managing Videoconferencing Devices

I’ve spent the last couple of months building an interface to replace Lifesize (and Avaya’s) video conference management software because their software reli...

Startup Weekend

A little over a week ago I participated in Startup Weekend Houston.

Houston Startup Weekend

This weekend I’m planning to attend Startup Weekend Houston. It will be my first and I’m quite excited about it.

Starting My Blog

I’m Chris MacNaughton, a developer born and reaised in Houston, TX. I’ve been programming things for years but started on the hardware side of computers, bu...