Security Scanning Rust Dependencies

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Gitlab has added support for dependency scanning to their CI system. The recommended method for enabling this support is to enable their CI step that detects the project language and then runs checks based on that. I’m going to propose a better solution!

Custom Image

iceyec/cargo-audit is a Docker image that I built that enables usage of the cargo audit subcommand during CI runs. The Dockerfile looks like:

FROM rustdocker/rust:stable

RUN . ~/.cargo/env \
    && cargo install --git

ENV PATH="/root/.cargo/bin:$PATH"


Im my previous post about Gitlab CI with Rust I demonstrated an example .gitlab-ci.yml that I use when starting new Rust projects. In addition to that base, I’ve started adding the following section to my .gitlab-ci.yaml files to take advantage of Gitlab’s security scanning of dependencies:

  image: iceyec/cargo-audit
  allow_failure: true
  tags: []
  before_script: []
  cache: {}
  dependencies: []
    - cargo audit || true
    - cargo audit --format=json > gl-dependency-scanning-report.json
    paths: [gl-dependency-scanning-report.json]


Once the dependency_scanning section has been added to a project, Gitlab’s CI can output security warnings detected in your dependencies directly into the Merge Request status:

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