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Namespacing Zaza

3 minute read

TLDR: Almost1 all of the actual charm tests have been removed from Zaza and moved to a new package in the openstack-charmers namespace: zaza-openstack-tests....

Adding Zaza Tests to a Charm

6 minute read

Migrating from Amulet to Zaza can seem like harrowing experience, but it doesn’t have to be! In this post, we will take a charm written with Amulet tests and...

Security Scanning Rust Dependencies

less than 1 minute read

Gitlab has added support for dependency scanning to their CI system. The recommended method for enabling this support is to enable their CI step that detects...

Rust CI on Gitlab

1 minute read

Setting up Rust CI on Gitlab is a fairly easy task, until you want to actually use it ;-) Throughout my time developing Rust libraries and applications, I’ve...

Packaging Rust Binaries

2 minute read

I spent a bit of time recently working on getting Launchpad to build my Rust binary into something that could be easily installed. To make this search easier...

Adding Actions to a Juju Charm

2 minute read

I wanted to add a couple of actions to a Juju charm, specifically Ceph, and I wanted to be able to test the action to ensure that Ceph received the command a...

User Generated Templates in Ruby

1 minute read

I started a side project recently for hosting many sites from within one application. I decided to use Liquid to allow users to create their own site designs...

The Future of Cyber Security Innovation

6 minute read

At an event hosted by the Christian Science Monitor (Passcode), invincea, and Vectra, DARPA’s Frank Pound gives a live demonstration of Plan X.

Gun Control? No, Ammo Control

1 minute read

I don’t usually care enough about guns to have much of an opinion about gun control but all of this talk recently has pushed me to respond. I’m infuriated t...