Chris MacNaughton and Madeline MacNaughton

Who Am I?

I am a developer specializing in Ruby, PHP and JavaScript with a knowledge domain spanning Python, HTML, and CSS. I speak English, periodically practice Spanish, and am beginning to work on Japanese and C++.

I have a daughter named Madeline and a loving, supportive wife named Tiffany. I was born and raised in Houston, Texas and have traveled around the world a couple of times!

I like making things.

Enjoying making things and wanting to expand on that, I began to expand making things from digital products into physical ones using an Arduino. I played with simple robotics and such. Soon, I hope to have more time to play with electronics!

While making real things is fun, most of my experience with making things comes from web development of various sorts, from a simple file uploader/encryptor to a SSH management system for videoconference devices, I've made some fun and complicated things.


Random Skills

  • Building Computers

  • Legible Prose

  • Working From Anywhere

  • Online Marketing

Recent Blog Posts

My wife and I traveled around Europe living out of backpacks. While we traveled, we found the need to discover a cheaper way to travel and found WorkAway.