Gun Control? No, Ammo Control

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I don’t usually care enough about guns to have much of an opinion about gun control but all of this talk recently has pushed me to respond. I’m infuriated that people believe that controlling access to guns will actually reduce gun availability in this age of 3D printers!

3D printing has come a long way in the last year. You can now print your own guns at home! Maybe if people can print their own guns but not get access to those high ammunition clips we’ll all be safe? Nope!

So what can we do to reduce gun violence if limiting access to guns and clips doesn’t work? We can limit ammunition! While printers can make guns and magazines, they can’t make ammunition. While it could be feasible for them to make an actual shell, the chemical makeup of gunpowder is beyond their ability. While gunpowder has a fairly standard, well known recipe, most ammunition these days has highly specialized accelerants to push a bullet out of a barrel.

Firearm enthusiasts probably know how to assemble and disassemble a gun by hand and possibly even blindfolded but I would bet that there is a minutely small percentage that have any idea how to actually mix the accelerant properly to build a bullet for anything newer than a musket!

The part of all of this that I find truly infuriating is that everybody seems to be talking about limiting guns and not limiting ammunition! I’m not even the only one!

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