SEO Early On, Part 1

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While starting a business, there are many things one must think of, from permitting to supply chain management; however, an oft overlooked thing is SEO!

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of helping people find your site and your products through search engines. SEO has often gotten a bad rap because of people offering things that simply aren’t possible and then disappearing with your money. Most search marketers aren’t like that at all but those that are leave a bad taste in everybody’s mouth.

Where Do I Start?

SEO involves getting found. In a perfect world, search engines would be able to rank your site simply by the quality and accuracy of the content you provide; however, this is not an ideal world. Search engines rely on other web sites linking to you to rank your site. The basic idea is that other sites will link to you if they believe you have quality information. High quality sites tend to link to other high quality sites.

To be interesting to anybody, not just search engines, you need to have unique, quality content! Start writing that blog you’ve heard about. Identify something unique about your business and talk about it! Get out there and generate some content.

People used to say “Build it and they will come”1, but that hasn’t been true for a LONG time. People have to know how to find your content so you need to tell people about them. Talk about interesting things on social media. Talk about other people’s things on social media! Ge to know other people that are out there making amazing content.

As you build relationships with people and have people interested in what you have to say, then that old saying becomes more true! People start finding your content because they’re interested in what you’re saying, not because you told them about it. If it’s good enough though, they will tell others about it(link to it)!

Stay tuned for [Part 2][]!

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