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It isn’t for everybody but my wife and I decided that it was probably for us several months ago.

We realized that Houston wasn’t really a place where we wanted to raise our family or, in fact, live for much longer at all so we began our search. It started with looking up random cities and places we had heard about but with almost 30,000 cities in the United States we realized that this was going to be an ineffective endeavor.

Because cities share many commonalities that we wanted to compare, I decided to write an application that both gathered information from multiple sources, including the US Census, and compiled it into meaningful summaries that could then be filtered.

In addition to wanting to be able to filter cities out that didn’t meat our criteria, I have been on the lookout for employment opportunities for some time now because, no matter how perfectly a place matches our desires, employment is a requirement no matter where we are.

To this end, I have recently been given a job offer by eLocal LLC! eLocal is located in Conshohocken, PA, a small town outside of Philadelphia. Conshohocken, as it turns out, is a town that very well matches what we’re looking for in a place to live and raise our fledgling family but it’s very hard to really know if a city feels right without visiting.

Fortunately, eLocal came up with the idea of hiring me to come consult for a week and bring the family so that we could get a real look at the town and the company and see if it was a good fit for us. It very much was!

After our time there, 13 days, we’ve decided that we are going to be moving in May! Until that time, I will be working for eLocal from here, Houston, starting in a little bit more than a week!

We are looking forward to this opportunity to move to a new place and the extra opportunities for regional travel that is available in the Northeast that is almost entirely impossible here in Texas!

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