Offerpop - The Worst Voting App on Facebook

1 minute read

If you’ve had any experience with trying to get votes for an entry on Offerpop, you know just how terrible it is. If you haven’t, I hope that you never do. If you’re thinking about hosting a vote, please find somebody else to host it!

Global Startup Battle is using Offerpop and the experience has been terrible for us. We’ve had to walk people through many clicks before they could vite, even experienced Facebook users couldn’t figure it out!

When users click “Vote” on our page they are presented with a “Go To App” modal from Offerpop that asks for permission to see “basic info”. While I don’t mind them asking for permission, the page doesn’t indicate that users will be able to vote after clicking “Go To App.” It should say something like “Approve App” instead.

While this is something that competitors can explain to users, we shouldn’t have to! My girlfriend went to vote for our entry and she didn’t realize that she had to “Go To App” instead of just clicking vote and closed the window without voting! This is unacceptable from a usage perspective simply because the app creator made a program that increases conversion friction for new users trying out their app.

I really hope, if you’re thinking about any kind of competition on Facebook, that you look for somebody else besides Offerpop to handle it!

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